Cardholder Responsibilties

Cardholders may use their Corporate Cards for Duke related business expenses. All University and Health System guidelines pertaining to purchases of goods, services, travel, and entertainment apply to purchases made with the Corporate Card. Cardholders should treat their Corporate Cards with at least the same level of care and security as they would their own personal credit cards.

Cardholder Limits and Unauthorized Purchases

Transaction Limits

  • $1,500 limit for purchases of goods and services
  • $3,000 limit for travel and event related expenses.

Splitting Transactions

Transactions should not be split in order to avoid the cardholder transaction limits. Requests to exceed the standard transaction limits should be sent to Card Program Services by the cardholder's departmental business manager or supervisor in advance of a purchase. With the appropriate departmental approvals, Card Program Services may approve a temporary increase in the cardholder's transaction limits.


  • Personal use of the Corporate Card under any circumstances
  • Use of the Corporate Card by an individual other than the cardholder
  • Medical/Surgical supplies for use in the hospital or clinical areas
  • Leases & long term rentals (over 1 year)
  • Capital equipment (> $5,000)
  • Controlled substances
  • Animals
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Payments to employees for services
  • Purchases of electronics or appliances that are not compliant with Duke's Energy Star Program. For additional information regarding Duke's Energy Star Program, see
  • Home Internet Service

How to Make a Purchase

The Corporate Card may be used in person, by mail, telephone, fax or via a secure Internet website.

Follow these procedures when using the Corporate Card:

  1. Identify yourself as a Duke employee.
  2. Notify the supplier that Duke is exempt from paying North Carolina sales tax at the point of sale. If the supplier requires proof, present or fax Duke's Direct Pay Permit.
    Note: North Carolina no longer exempts, at point of sale, purchases involving prepared food and beverage sales as well as motel, hotel or other accommodation rentals. Vendors are required to charge sales tax on these purchases. Additionally, all purchases of alcohol are subject to sales tax .
    For additional information regarding Sales and Use Tax, please see GAP 200.230, Sales and Use Tax.
  3. If the supplier requests a billing address, provide the box number, city, state and zip code for your work address. This request is a validation process for detecting fraud and the transaction will be declined if the address you provide does not match the address on file with Bank of America. Contact your WORKS administrator to verify your address on file with Bank of America.
  4. Order the desired goods or services and confirm the total cost, including shipping and handling.
  5. Give the supplier the Corporate Card number and expiration date.
  6. Obtain receipts for ALL purchases made in person, by mail, telephone, fax, or secure Internet website.
  7. Specify delivery instructions, including the information that must appear on the shipping label. (Inform the supplier that the Corporate Card number should not be displayed anywhere on the outside of the package.)

How can I make a purchase over my limits?

If you foresee exceeding your transaction limits with a particular transaction, contact your Business Manager. If the Corporate Card is the appropriate tool for the purchase, the Business Manager should send an email to CorporateCard at and obtain a manual authorization for the transaction. If the Business Manager reports to the cardholder for whom the request is being made, the cardholder's supervisor must also approve the manual authorization. The email request should include:

  1. Cardholder's name
  2. Last four digits of Corporate Card number
  3. Vendor name
  4. Amount of the transaction
  5. Business purpose for the transaction
  6. Date of the transaction

After obtaining the appropriate departmental approvals, Card Program Services will coordinate a temporary increase to the cardholder's transaction limits. The vendor may then be required to contact Bank of America to obtain an authorization number before completing the transaction.

How can I dispute a charge?

If an unauthorized or unrecognized charge appears on your Corporate Card account, complete a Statement of Disputed Items form immediately. Transactions that are more than 60 days old are not eligible for dispute.

Monthly Statements

Cardholders receive a monthly Corporate Card statement from Bank of America. Cardholders should review their statements upon receipt and then forward their statements to their department administration. Cardholders will not receive a statement if their Corporate Card was not used during the respective billing cycle.


Cardholders should obtain an original receipt for all purchases. Receipts should be forwarded to the WORKS administrator in a timely manner (i.e. 10 business days) along with brief descriptions detailing the business purpose and the departmental codes to be charged.

Itemized restaurant receipts are required for proper coding by your department administrator.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

During normal business hours, lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to department administrators and Card Program Services at (919) 681-0648, or CorporateCard at On weekends and evenings, cardholders should report a lost or stolen card to Bank of America immediately. Department administrators and Card Services should be notified the next business day.

Transferring Departments or Resigning from Duke

Cardholders who are changing departments or leaving Duke must return their Corporate Cards to their department administrators for cancellation. Each department is responsible for notifying Card Program Services when cardholder accounts should be canceled. Please see Cancel a Corporate Card on the Department Responsibilities webpage.