Antitrust Notification to Search Firms

Notification to Search Firms and/Permanent Placement Firms

Vendors performing search/recruitment or hiring recommendation services to Duke must follow the same guidelines that Duke must follow as a result of a Court case settlement in 2019. Therefore, these vendors need to comply with the following:

Duke University is committed to strict compliance with the antitrust laws, as well as its obligations under a recent settlement entered in Seaman v. Duke University et al. (M.D.N.C. 2019). Your company is required to comply with these laws and obligations in conducting any recruiting activities for or on behalf of Duke University.

Duke University may not enter into, maintain, or enforce any agreement that restrains any person from cold calling, soliciting, recruiting, hiring, or otherwise competing for employees. This includes an agreement to seek permission or approval before considering or approaching an employee of another entity about a potential opportunity or to require the other entity to seek permission or approval from Duke University before considering or approaching one of our employees.

In carrying out your company’s obligations on behalf of Duke University, you must comply with these prohibitions. Further, if any employee of Duke University has asked or asks you to refrain from cold calling, soliciting, recruiting, hiring, or otherwise approaching an employee from a particular entity, you must notify Duke Procurement immediately.