Phase II Online Travel - Corporate Card Transactions Update

October 22, 2013

In conjunction with the Phase II Online Travel- Corporate Card Implementation that went live Monday, October 21, we wanted to provide a few updates regarding the process. 

1)    Email notifications are sent on a weekly basis to inform all initiators that corporate card transactions have been loaded to Duke@Work.  You may have received this email on Monday, October 21 as a notification that transactions have been loaded for those cardholders who are included in your MyEmployees list in Duke@Work. 

a.    If you feel that you have access to the incorrect list of employees, please contact your departmental TRaC (Travel Reimbursement and Corporate Card) representative or your departmental business manager.  The initiator setup was provided by each departmental business manager.  If you do not know your departmental TRaC representative, you may locate the departmental contact from our webpage.

b.    If you are an initiator for your area but are not responsible for processing corporate card or travel transactions for the cardholders listed, you may have been assigned initiator access at the departmental level and therefore will receive weekly email notifications for all employees who have corporate card transactions.  If you are unclear on your responsibility, please discuss with your departmental business manager.

2)    The Card Services team has loaded corporate card transactions as of October 18, 2013 to the Duke@Work portal.  Due to the transition from the Bank of America Works system to the Online Travel module in Duke@Work, these transactions will be displayed in both the Works system as well as Duke@Work; however, they will not be posting to the general ledger via Works.

a.    All transactions that are loaded into the Duke@Work portal should be cleared by assigning them to an expense report.  No action is needed for the duplicate ones in the Works system.

b.    Works administrators should be clearing transactions in Works only for those with posting dates prior to October 18, 2013. 

c.    Transactions with posting dates of October 18, 2013 or after will need to be cleared in the on-line travel system.

d.    After Works administrators clear all transactions prior to October 18, 2013 in the Works system, Card Services will adjust Works administrators’ profiles to provide view access only.

e.    Fleet card transactions will continue to be cleared through the Works system.

3)    If you have specific questions related to the process or need training reference materials, please view the online videos. You may also use the online powerpoint presentations as a reference.

We appreciate your partnership and support as we work through the transition to a new process for corporate card transactions.  You may contact the team at