Certified Payroll Representatives

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Stephen Alen Duke Human Vaccine Institute - Admin
Marcia L. Arnold Anesthesiology
Dana Auton Duke Divinity
Jennifer Backus Private Diagnostic Clinics - HR
Patricia Bailey Clinical Affairs
Sharena Ballard Center for Brain Imaging and Analysis
Kimberly Basnight Disability Management System
Jennifer Becker Continuing Studies
Johanna Bernhardt Dept. of Biology
Nancy Bishop Cell Biology
Christy Boles Duke Press
Ruth Boone Nursing Services - DUH
Jaada Bowens Finance and Administration - Arts and Sciences
Liza Brown Clinical Depts. Regional HR Services
Wendy Brown Dept. of Dermatology
Shannon Brown DRH-Human Resources
Diane Butler Duke Outptaient Phlebotomy
Kim D. Campbell Logistics and Materials Management - DUHS
Catherine Cates Student Affairs - Residence Life and Housing Services
Rita Chambers Department of Medicine - Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine
Gail Chance Corporate Payroll Services
Megan Churchill DCN Clinical Administration
Anne Clark Statistical Sciences
Ethel Clay NPCC Medicaid
John Dale Nursing Services