Billing Schedule

Fall bills will be available on June 23, 2019 via DukeHub and are due August 1, 2019. Spring 2020 bills will be prepared on December 2 and will be due on January 7, 2020. You will receive an email when these are available on DukeHub.

Please review the Student Account Bills page for more information.

Directions, Visitor Parking, & Transportation Options

Student Accounts

Visitor parking at the American Tobacco Campus (ATC) is available on the first level of the North parking garage along Petttigrew St. Visitors MUST register their vehicles before leaving the parking deck or may be subject to a vehicle violation of a wheel lock on the offending vehicle.

Please see the ATC parking website regarding the process to register and park in the North Parking Deck and the fees associated with it.

To reach the Financial Services offices, exit the garage on the University Ford side (formerly Julian Carr St.). Enter through Bay 9 on the Carr St side, or through Bay 8 or 10 on the Courtyard side (the interior of the American Tobacco Campus). Both Bay 9 entrances are locked at all times. To enter, you will either need a valid Duke ID Card or to call the department you are visiting using the provided call box to gain building access.

The Bull City Connector is a fare-free, hybrid-electric bus service that connects downtown Durham with the Duke University campus and medical facilities. This also includes Durham Station, the city's transportation hub with public bus service and within walking distance of the American Tobacco Campus.

University Cashiering

An ungated metered area open to all visitors is located on the South Side of Smith Warehouse on the corner of Buchannan Blvd. and Maxwell St. The meter is in effect from 7am to 9pm weekdays and 9am to 9pm weekends. The rate is $2 per hour but visitors parking less than 15 minutes are not assessed a charge. All visitors must obtain a dashboard pass regardless of the amount of time you will be parking to avoid being ticketed. Please enter your license plate number, the amount of time you will be parking to receive a dashboard pass.

Route CSW of Duke's Parking & Transportation stops in front of the Smith Warehouse every half hour during normal business hours.