It is the intent of Duke to reimburse travelers for necessary and reasonable expenses incurred while traveling on Duke related business. Reimbursement of travel expenses will be fair and equitable; it is Duke's expectation that employees and students should neither lose nor gain financially when traveling on official business. Duke is not obligated to reimburse employees or students for expenses that are not in compliance with Duke's policy.

Management centers, schools, or departments may choose to impose greater control than required at the corporate level, but their requirements, at a minimum, should include Duke's corporate requirements.

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2022 IRS Mileage Allowance

January 1, 2022

The IRS has announced the new standard mileage rates for 2022.  The standard mileage rate will increase to 58.5¢ per mile for business miles driven beginning January 1, 2022, up from 56¢ in 2021.

Additionally, the 2022 mileage rate for medical or moving purposes for qualified active duty members of the Armed Forces increased to 18¢ per mile, up from 16¢ in 2021.

The mileage rate for driving an automobile for charitable purposes during 2022 will remain unchanged at 14¢.

Updates regarding Business Processes, Training, and Helpful Hints

August 31, 2021

As Employee Travel & Reimbursement (ET&R) continues to evaluate opportunities to streamline business processes and offer training opportunities in partnership with our colleagues from the Office of Education for Research Administration and Finance, we would like to take an opportunity to provide the following updates and reminders.

Employee Travel and Reimbursement Fiscal Year End Updates FY 2021

April 8, 2021

Employee Travel and Reimbursement (ET&R) has included updates for the 2021 fiscal year end process. Please use the information below as a reference for the fiscal year end schedule related to out of pocket reimbursements, corporate card charges, and experimental subject payment forms.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Corporate Card Information

For information regarding the Corporate Card, please refer to the Corporate Card website.

Departmental TRaC Representative

For information related to your departmental liaison to Employee Travel & Reimbursement, please refer to the Departmental TRaC Representatives webpage.

Military Time Conversion Chart

If you need assistance in converting time to 24-hour time, please refer to this chart.

Preferred Travel Services

If you are seeking information on Duke's preferrred travel services, please refer to the Procurement website.