Certified Financial Systems Specialists

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Elizabeth McDougald Emergency Services
Sophia McKinnon TIP
Lisa McLamb Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance
Christine McMillan DCRI - Finance
Tracy McNeil Resource Administration - General Op
Traci McNeill Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Massiel Medina Office of Masters MSC
Rochelle Medley Trinity School
Iryna Merenbloom Grad School
Michelle Merritt Medicine - General
Mary Messina DUHS Corporate
Roslyn Mickens Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Cultr
Joel Midianga Corporate Accounts Payable
Mary Miller Medical Oncology Clinical Trials
Stephanie Milliken Surgery-Urology
Barbara Mitchell NESCent
Asyia Mitchell Office of the Secretary
Scott Mofield Department of Pediatrics
Edith Mooney Traffic & Parking
Lisa Moore Chapel Services
Derek Morton Fringe Benefits Accounting
Shirley Morton Anesthesiology-Basic Sciences
Angela Muiruri Medicine Cardiology
Elena Musty Ctr for Brain Imaging & Analysis
Carla Neal DRH-Corporate Admin