Certified Financial Systems Specialists

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Dimetriux Evans Fuqua-Accounting
Patricia Evans DHTS Administrative Support
Deborah Fidelman Basic Sciences
Maxie Figgs DUH Emergency Dept
Rosalyn Fletcher Medicine - Cardiology
Bonnie Flinn Duke Gardens
Carolyn Foshee Disbusement Services
Joie Foust Intercultural Initiatives
Lyubov Frasier Molecular Physiology
Kristy Gajowiak Surgery-Chairman
Denise Gamble Cancer Center Administration
Lynn Garner Duke Medicine News & Communications
Jane Gaskins DUHS - Corporate Finance
Kristen Gathman University Center - Activities and Events
Melissa Geiseman DOM - Gastroenterology
Robin Geller Engineering
Annie Gerodimou Lab Animal Resources
Matt Gibson Executive Vice Dean for Administration
Margo Ginsberg Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phyllis Glasgow Department of Medicine - Chairs Office
Ashley Glenn Talent Identification Program
Nikeya Goodson Department of Anesthesiology
Kristie Gordon Accounting Systems Administration
Caroline Gorham Duke University Energy Initiative
Deborah Gornto CVD-Licensing & Ventures