Certified Financial Systems Specialists

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Tina Watkins Internal Audit
Sheila Webb Library Services
Julie Webb Vast Team
Carolyn Weinbaum Duke Human Vaccine Institute - Admin
Jennifer Westerfeldt Physics
Christopher Weymouth Department of Medicine
Brandon Weymouth Medicine Neurology
Heather White Divinity Administration & Finance
Wanda White Le@DD Initiative
Michael White DCRI Finance
Mark Wienants Alumni Affairs
Margaret Wilbur Biology
Katherine Williams Surgery
Eric Williams Student Affairs
Angela Williams Cognitive Neuroscience
Stacey Wilson Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Nathan Wise Duke Raleigh Hospital - Finance
Annetta Womble Duke Center for International Development
Nancy Wood DCRI - Strategic Business Development
Carolyn Woolley Dept. of Biology
Leia Wright ROTC - Air Force
Jie Wu Pediatrics - Cardiology
Stacey Young Duke Divinity School
Michael Yun HWPER - Administration - Athletics
Melissa Zimmerman Brain Tumor Clinical RSCH