Certified Payroll Representatives

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Laura Triggiano Math
Katherine Trinajstich Corporate Payroll Services
Danielle Trojan Ped Cardiac
Vanessa Turnier Thompson Writing Program
Irish Turrentine Duke University Library Services - HR
Delryna Vargas Clinical Depts Regional HR Services - School of Medicine
Viridiana Vega Corporate Payroll Services
Selnatta Vereen School of Nursing
Cheryl Wallace Computer Science
Natalie Ward Ortho/Neuro Unit 6-3 - DRH
Carolyn Watson Resource Administration - General Op
Michell Wheeler Engineering - Dean's Office
Penny Wheeley-Triplett Dean, Medical Education Administration
Karen Whitesell Stastical Sciences
Thea Whitted Cell Biology
Sarah Williams Nursing Services - DRH
Catherine Williams Cytology
Lori Winfield Radiology Administration
Michele Wittman Public Affairs and Government Relations
David Wong Documentary Studies
Danielle Woods Nursing Services - DUH
Misty Woodward Surgery
Tiffany Yarborough Economics
Terra Ylizarde Duke Press
Karla Young DUHS - Performance Services