Toner Cartridge Ordering

November 8, 2019

Over the past year, Duke Procurement and Duke Corporate A/P have identified companies pursuing ‘toner cartridge scams’ in an effort to generate revenue and they are targeting Duke University and Duke University Health System. No company should be calling any Duke employee to have them order toner or confirm a shipping address.

Duke University and Duke University Health System have agreements in place with vendors for the ordering of toner cartridges and the delivery addresses are already on file.

For the University, Staples Advantage in the Buy @ Duke marketplace is the contracted vendor that provides replacement cartridges. The Health System has a toner management program currently with XEROX that automatically delivers toner cartridges to the end user.

In the event that you are shipped a toner cartridge that was not ordered or inadvertently order a toner cartridge from a scam company, please do not use the toner so that it can be returned. Also, contact Adam Barnes in Duke Procurement for follow up with the company and assistance in returning the cartridge.

If you have any questions about acceptable toner cartridge vendors for DU or DUHS, please do not hesitate to contact us in Procurement at 919-684-4010.

Companies that have targeted Duke and we have contacted to inform them of Duke’s non-solicitation request are:

Internal Business Systems, Palm Harbor, FL

Global Imaging Products, Sherman Oaks, CA

Direct Buy Imaging, Santa Ana, CA