New Biweekly Lump Sum Payment Form, Website Additions

May 4, 2011
A new lump sum payment form is now available for biweekly employees. The Biweekly Award/Lump Sum Payment Form is used to issue awards and approved lump sum payments not related to hours worked to biweekly employees. This form can be found under “Compensation” on the Forms page of the Corporate Payroll Services website.

Based upon customer feedback, Corporate Payroll Services has included instructions for running Electronic Time Reporting reports (pdf) and a link to Fringe Benefit Rates on the Corporate Payroll Services website. The instructions for Electronic Time Reporting reports can be found under “Guidelines and Tools” on the Policy and Procedures page and the link to Fringe Benefits Rates can be found on Reference Materials page.  

If you have questions, feel free to contact Corporate Payroll Services at (919) 684-2642 or at