Facilities and Administrative (F&A/Indirect Costs) Rates Agreement: Other Sponsored Activities Definition

September 21, 2017

On September 6, 2017, Dr. Trask issued a memorandum outlining the new Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate structure for Duke University grants and contracts. This rate structure is a result of negotiations with the Department of Health and Human Services and is effective as of August 22, 2017.

New to the recent agreement is the establishment of an F&A rate for Other Sponsored Activities (OSA). This rate will include projects funded by sponsors that involve performance of work other than research and instruction. Some examples include:

  • Awards supporting travel, conferences, symposia, workshops, and seminars that do not otherwise meet the criteria for research or instruction;
  • Public Service, inclusive of health service, legal clinics, sustainability, and curriculum development;
  • Public events – sponsorship of museums, arts, dance, film, and music programs;
  • Duke University Press publications

Projects that will have the OSA rate applied will use the account series 3x9xxx. Specific questions regarding OSA projects or the new F&A rates generally should be directed to the pre-award offices.

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