ePayables Initiative

June 15, 2021

Duke University and Health System will be implementing a new technology and business process for issuing payments to vendors. The new process will be referenced as ePayables and will provide streamlined payment processes for a number of vendors.

Please note that the only change for departments will be the manner in which the payment is displayed in SAP for the participating vendors.

  • Payments issued by check will continue to be displayed in the Check Encashment Date Field.
  • Electronic payments issued using the ePayables method will be displayed in the same manner as ACH payments are currently displayed.

Please use this reference, if you are unfamiliar with reviewing check encashment dates or other payment dates.

We appreciate your partnership with this initiative. Please feel free to contact Procurement Services at Procurement@Duke.edu

or Corporate Accounts Payable at Accountspayable@duke.edu.