Changes in Hiring Process

September 4, 2012

Effective August 6, 2012, Duke launched a new electronic process for background checks for staff and an electronic process for I9 and E-Verify for ALL new hires, including faculty and students. As a reminder, there are a few process changes, including the following:

  • Hire iForms are no longer routed to the Human Resources Information Center (HRIC) for approval of the I9 form or receipt of the background check form. 
  • Departments should discontinue sending any hire paperwork to the HRIC.
  • Tax forms and direct deposit forms should be completed in Duke@Work (foreign national forms can be sent directly to Payroll). 
  • The department should retain any offer letters, confidentiality agreements, biographical data sheets, new employee self-identification forms, or Youth Employment Certificates in the departmental personnel file.
  • All students already have a Duke Unique ID (DUID), so departments should always use the existing DUID for any student hire.

Questions about the new electronic hire process can be directed to the HRIC at 919-684-5600.

Reminders: Background Checks

All staff members hired through Candidate Selection (via Duke@Work) will be sent an email invitation to complete the online background check application from InfoMart, Duke’s background check vendor, once the candidate’s status has been changed to “HR Status-45: Verbal Offer Accepted.”  The candidate’s HR status will then automatically be updated to "HR Status 51-Background Check Requested."

Once the background check has been cleared by the HR Background Check Center, the HR Status will be updated to "52-Candidate Cleared Proceed."

At this time, an email will be sent to the Requisition Team (iForm initiator, iForm approver, Recruiter) reminding them to disposition the requisition,  move the final candidate to an "HR Status-90," and start the Hire iForm.  Note: internal candidates will automatically be pushed to an "HR Status 52" after a few minutes since they do not require another background check to proceed with a Transfer iForm.

Departments needing a background check on a staff member who is not hired through Candidate Selection (ex. Librarian), should complete the updated background check form and fax it to the HR Background Check Center at 919-681-9560. 

Note: background checks are not required on faculty or students, (includes job family 27).

Reminders: I9s/E-Verify

This process is completely separate from Candidate Selection.

Invitations are sent as part of the Hire iForm process. 

All new hires (faculty, staff, and students) are required to complete an I-9 within three business days of the hire date.  Duke is subject to civil and criminal penalties and fines for failure to follow the regulations. Penalties may be assessed on Duke as an institution or on individual departments depending on the nature of the violations.

Full documentation of these processes is located at the Human Resources website.