Approvals for Information Technology Spending

June 30, 2020

To: TRaC Representatives

From: Office of Information Technology

Subject: Approvals for Information Technology Spending

As outlined in the May 6, 2020, Manager Memo from Executive Vice President Tallman Trask III, Duke University now requires approval for all information technology-related purchases, including software, hardware, web development or web hosting, consulting and cloud-based services.

These spending controls have been established to address the economic challenges stemming from the pandemic. The Office of Information Technology has developed a new request form described on the IT Procurement website to help facilitate an easy and efficient process. This site includes more details and instructions for IT-related purchase requests.

Express approval (within 30 minutes) will be issued for purchases under $2,500 and for purchases using sponsored research funds and/or faculty discretionary funds. All other purchase requests will be processed as they come in and should receive a response within 48 hours.

Please ensure your IT support groups are aware of this process and coordinate as appropriate for any current or future IT-related purchases. If you have questions, please contact our team at the following email address Thank you.