API Time & Attendance and Staffing/Scheduling Upgrade

August 24, 2012

We are pleased to announce the implementation date for the API System Upgrade.  This upgrade affects all of the following modules:  Time and Attendance (currently referenced as ReportXpress), Staffing and Scheduling (currently referenced as Active Staffer), as well as the Education Tracking System (EdTrack).  Effective October 8, 2012, departments and employees who are currently using these tools will transition to the upgraded system.  The project team members including Administrative Systems Management, Corporate Payroll Services, DUH Nursing Services and the Financial Training team have expended extensive efforts during the last several months to ensure all technical and functional enhancements are in place.  They will continue to conduct thorough testing during the remaining weeks prior to the go-live.

In addition, the project team members have been working in partnership with HR Entity Leaders throughout the Health System and among the University areas that use the Time and Attendance tool.  Our partners have been updating their leadership teams and staff members while coordinating training strategies for each of the teams.  Due to the number of departments and employees impacted by this change, we worked closely with entity leaders to initiate a series of overview sessions beginning August 9.  Overall, the feedback has been positive and departments are looking forward to using the new tool.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the key highlights of the upgraded system, new business processes developed in support of this initiative, the training strategy as well as the schedule for upcoming overview and training sessions. 

Core Functionality Remains Unchanged

  • Employees continue to “swipe green and go” using current badge readers
  • Recording time via phone and computer is available as allowed by departmental policy 
  • Pay policies are not changing
  • Exception messages notifying users of potential errors remain consistent
  • Pay codes remain unchanged 


  • Web application with complete functionality available anywhere
  • Accessible through the Duke@Work portal using a NETID and password
  • Support for multiple approvers for each department
  • Single application supporting all users of Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling and Educational Tracking
  • Controlled by role based security
  • Employee time card display is different, web application allows for more interaction from employees
  • Presentation of information is more flexible to user needs and more visual
  • Laborviews simplify the navigation process for Approving Supervisors
  • Exception messages, employee requests, and unapproved time cards are categorized for ease of processing 

Business Process Changes

Two new business processes will be introduced in conjunction with this initiative:

  1. Approval of a time card will be required for the time card to be included in the interface with Duke’s payroll system (SAP) after lockdown.  If time cards are not approved, they will function like a “critical exception” and a paper time report must be submitted. 

    • Current process – unapproved time cards that interface with SAP must be printed, signed, and submitted to Corporate Payroll Services. 
    • Business process change increases efficiency and compliance.
  2. Automated Adjustment Process will replace the paper adjustment/deviation sheet for all employees with the exception of bargaining unit employees.

    • Simple process for employees to submit requests for payment of time off, missed swipes, etc.
    • Supervisor approves the requests
    • Eliminates the need for data entry by editors for these types of transactions
    • Minimizes the number of post payroll adjustments due to missing time off
    • Enhances productivity and provides transparency for requests


Training Strategies

Our training portfolio includes an overview session as well as a training session for managers/supervisors, and a separate overview session for employees.  Also, we have customized sessions for those departments who use both the Time and Attendance and the Staffing and Scheduling modules.  As a supplement to all of the overview and training sessions, we are producing a series of online videos that will be available to managers, supervisors, and employees by September 10.  These videos will be available online using the Corporate Payroll Services website and will provide a thorough review of the processes.  Individual videos will be available to highlight key changes in the system, such as requests for payment of time off, requesting a correction to a missed swipe, etc.  A list of the training options is included below.  Please note that sessions are scheduled to support Duke’s 24 hours/day and 7 days/week operations.  Times are noted next to the training classes.


  • Overview for all Managers/Supervisors/Editors (90 mins)
    What is the change and a brief demo of the new tool
  • Webinars for Managers/Supervisors/Editors (120 mins)
    Provides details on how to use the tool, interactive questions and answers.  Hosted throughout the month of September and the first week of October


  • Overview for Staff (1 hour)
    Provides a high level overview and demo of the tool and announces the new business process changes

Training Options for Everyone:

  • Comprehensive library of online videos
  • PowerPoint for leaders to review with employees in staff meetings prior to and/or in conjunction with launch 

We appreciate your continued partnership and assistance with this critical initiative.  Please share this important information with your team and determine which training option best fits your departmental needs.  Additional communications will be distributed in the upcoming weeks.  Please feel free to contact the Corporate Payroll Services team at 684-2642, if you have any questions or need additional information.