2015 Financial Training Calendar

January 13, 2015

The Financial Training Team is excited to announce that the 2015 training schedule is now available. All classes are available for registration through Duke’s Learning Management System (LMS) accessible through the My Career page, My Learning link in Duke@Work. To see a description of all classes as well as instructions on how to find classes in the LMS, please visit our “Training Opportunities.”

In addition to the training classes, Financial Training supports the Financial Certification Program currently consisting of four certification tracks. The certification programs are an outstanding way to develop and recognize operational expertise for those with key financial responsibilities. For more information visit the Financial Certification webpage.

We are excited to announce new classes and a few changes for 2015. Please check the Financial Training Page throughout the year for more information about changes and specific dates as these classes become available.

  • All Aboard – Hiring at Duke – Offered in partnership with the Human Resources, this course takes a comprehensive look at the hiring process once a candidate has been identified following them until they are on payroll.  This class will be offered monthly beginning January 22.
  • Introduction to Accounting and Business Practices will be modified to better support the differences in accounting processes between Duke University/Duke University School of Medicine and Duke University Health System and to better reflect current accounting best practices across the institution. Revised and enhanced classes will be available in February 2015.
  • Introduction to Duke General Ledger Accounts will be transitioned to a series of online learning modules allowing more customized delivery supporting the variety of financial users across Duke.  Online modules will be available in mid to late February 2015.
  • A new Business Manager Reporting class will offer best practices and suggestions for departmental strategies for running and using Duke@Work portal reports to manage departmental operations.  First offering is scheduled for spring of 2015.
  • A new payroll class that is geared toward Frontline Supervisors will be offered in the summer of 2015. Through this class, frontline supervisors will gain a better understanding of key payroll processes to assist them in partnering with their Department Payroll Representative to best support employees in their department.
  • Sponsored Projects Web-based Reporting class will focus on reporting tools available to those responsible for sponsored research. First offering is scheduled for January 23, 2015.
  • As an addition to the Financial Certification Program, TRaC Representative Certification will begin with a pilot in the spring of 2015. As with all certification tracks, this certification will focus on a broad knowledge base and look at operational and procedural best practices for TRaC Reps across the institution.
  • Department Payroll Representatives and Accounts Payable Representative update sessions will be scheduled in the spring/summer of 2015.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Financial Training Team at finance-training@duke.edu