For employees: W-2 forms for those individuals who have opted to receive paper copies will be mailed to employee home addresses on file with the Corporate Payroll offices as of December 31 of each year. The W-2s will be mailed to terminated employees at their home addresses by January 31.

Active employees will be able to view and print their W-2s online through Duke@Work. Employees will receive an email notification when the W-2 is available.

For non-compensatory recipients (students receiving scholarships, fellowships, specific summer internships, and postdoc scholars): Students who have elected to have withholdings taken from their award payment and postdoc scholars will receive 1099 forms mailed to the home addresses on file with the Corporate Payroll office as of December 31 of each year. All other non-compensatory recipients will receive a courtesy letter reflecting payments for the year, which will be mailed to the home address on file with Corporate Payroll. Form 1099 will be mailed to terminated non-compensatory recipients at their home addresses by January 31.

For foreign nationals: In instances where foreign nationals receive form 1042s (employee earnings covered by a tax treaty and all non-compensatory recipients), form 1042s will be mailed by March 15.

Duke University does not provide copies of tax documentation prior to 7 years ago. Log into the IRS web site for information on how to request copies of these tax documents.
The fee is being charged to cover the administrative costs of reproducing W-2 forms. This fee is permissible under IRS regulations and is non-refundable.
The forms cannot be emailed or faxed and cannot be sent to a third party, including the employee's accountant. Replacement year end tax forms can be picked up at 705 Broad Street in Durham or mailed to your home address.*
Once the Corporate Payroll Services Tax Document Request Form and the appropriate services fee is received by the Corporate Payroll Services office, there is a processing time of 3 business days.
A replacement tax form cannot be requested by a spouse, friend, or relative. Corporate Payroll Services will issue duplicate tax documents for terminated and inactive employees dating back seven years form the current calendar year.  Active employees can use the Duke@work portal and print tax documents from 2011 to present without paying fees.  An original Tax Document Request form must be submitted by the employee/former employee along with the appropriate service fee.  Original forms must be hand delivered or mailed to Corporate Payroll Services.  Facsimilies and scanned or emailed forms are not accepted.*
The replacement year end tax form has to be sent directly to the employee. The replacement tax form will be mailed to the former employee's home address if the employee cannot pick it up at the Corporate Payroll Services office.
In order to maintain compliance with privacy regulations, it is the policy of Duke University not to release any confidential information by phone, fax, or email. This includes employee earnings and tax information as well as payment amounts and tax information for non-compensatory recipients.
First, you will need to correct copies B, C, and 2 by crossing out the incorrect information and entering the correct information. Then contact Corporate Payroll Services and provide a copy of your updated Social Security card so that our official records can be corrected. Please refer to the section titled "Notice to Employee" on the back of the W-2 form. There is a subsection titled "Corrections" that will provide you with further information.
Terminated employees and former student employees or non-compensatory recipients should contact their former department to have their address updated.  This is critical to ensure that IRS tax documentation is distributed appropriately.  You may access the Terminated Employee/Student Address Change form at http://finance.duke.edu/payroll/forms/index.php.  You may return the signed form to Corporate Payroll Services, Box 90484, Durham, NC 27708-0484.  Please do not fax or email the completed form.
Call 919-684-3112 for Accounts Payable Customer Service, and have the following information prior to calling:
  • Vendor Name
  • Purchase Order number (If applicable)
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice amount
  • Invoice date
Processing time is generally one to two weeks.  Vendor terms will determine when the request will process for payment.  All payments are made with net 30 day terms unless the payment qualifies for different terms per GAP 200.136, Accounts Payable Check Request and a request for a change in payment terms is noted in the Comment Section on the electronic check request.  Net 30 means the check will be printed and mailed 30 days from the invoice date.  Checks are printed on Mondays and Wednesdays.  When a holiday falls on a Monday, a check run will be generated the Friday prior and Tuesday and Thursday the week of.  When the type of payment qualifies for special pick up, you will be contacted when the check is available.*

No. All payments to students and employees are handled by Employee Travel & Reimbursement, or Payroll. Please visit their websites for more information.

The quickest way to get your check request processed is to submit it electronically, with Priority Level 1.; Monitor the status of the check request and ask your approvers to approve the request as soon as it reaches them. Once the check request has been approved, call Corporate Accounts Payable (919-684-3112) and ask to speak to a Check Request Auditor. You would then be able to explain the circumstances and ask for a quick turn around. Please provide the Check Request Auditor with the check request number to be approved, and her or she can expedite processing for you.
An Accounts Payable Check Request for an emergency must be submitted electronically and receive immediate departmental and funding source approval. The request must route  to Corporate Accounts Payable by 10:00 AM on Mondays and Wednesdays for that day's payment run. Call Corporate Accounts Payable (919-684-3112) and ask to speak to a member of the management team to relay the urgency of the situation. Please provide the management team with the check request number to be approved.

For personal services, an ICC form is required for every check request submission. See the Forms page. The only exception would be for honorariums and guest speakers. For additional information, refer to GAPs 200.128 and 200.129.

No, Social Security numbers are not required, with the exception of Per Diem requests. However, please note that Accounts Payable Check Requests cannot be used for employees or students. These must be requested on a Miscellaneous Reimbursement Form and sent to Employee Travel and Reimbursement.

Documentation attached should be the backup or invoice; no additional copies are required.
No, to reduce the risk of checks being misdirected and for proper internal controls, the address on the check must be the vendor address.
An Accounts Payable Check Request is completed for Non-Duke Reimbursement; however, all of the detail regarding the travel is required. If the reimbursement is related to a job applicant the reimbursement is on an AP check request if the applicant has not formally accepted the job. Once the applicant formally accepts the job the reimbursement is processed by Employee Travel and Reimbursement.

Yes, see GAP 200.135 Acquisition of Goods and Services Overview for guidance of what method to use in order to acquire a good or service.

For a Standing Order or a Purchase Order, an Accounts Payable Check Request is not needed. The invoice is submitted directly to Accounts Payable with the Purchase Order number referenced on the invoice.
No.  With the Implementation of imaging, AP will no longer send copies of any invoices. Please visit the SAP website for instructions on viewing images.  Departments are able to view electronic check requests via the Check Request Utility Tool.  Please view the online tutorial on how to use this tool for more information.

Initially you should verify that the check has issued and has not been cashed. Step by Step instructions are located at on the SAP website. You will also see notes in SAP stating that the check may have been returned. If the check is still open and no return notification is present, a cancellation and reissue of the check can be requested. Please contact Accounts Payable Customer Service at 919-684-3112 for this request. Please also note that if the check was mailed to the correct address, we generally require a 30 day waiting period from the issue date before the check will be reissued.

No, we may be in receipt of the invoice, however, it could be held up for processing issues, missing information, etc. To prevent duplication, please contact Accounts Payable customer service at 919-684-3112 first to verify invoice status.

A goods receipt is a SAP transaction that is sometimes required on a Purchase Order to allow the department to properly track when items are received and when the expense posts. This must be completed by the "goods recipient" or other end user to release the invoice payment. Please visit the SAP website for step-by-step instructions.

To determine the correct G/L account to use when recording a transaction, you must first determine whether the transaction represents an expense (6xxxxxx), revenue (3xxxxx), asset (1xxxxx) or liability (2xxxxx). The available G/L accounts are listed and defined on the web. Once you have reviewed the list, if you still have questions, contact Accounting Systems Administration at 919-684-2752.

The Cost Object Request form must be completed and faxed or mailed back to Accounting Systems Administration. The form can be downloaded from the web. On the form, check the Change box, enter the cost object, and fill in the new document recipient.

Spread codes define how the budget is distributed across the months. After budget development, the University Budget Office assigns the spread that was designated to a particular fund/G/L Account combination based upon the previous year spread. (For example, the initial spreads for the FY09 budget will be the same as those for FY08.) New fund/G/L Account combination will receive the default 12 month spread (AAA). Spread codes can be changed in the budget modification file beginning in August. Refer to Budget Modification Instructions for a complete list of the available spreading options.

If you're a STAR user, go to http://starweb.mc.duke.edu/, and click on the help button. If you're not, go to the STAR website and follow the links.

Go to the step by step instructions, then review the instructions for "Adhoc Reports - Post Depreciation Related to Cost Centers Reporting" or "Adhoc Reports - Asset History Report".
Go to the step by step instructions and review the instructions for "Adhoc Reports – Asset Balance Report" or "Asset Inventory Report".

Plant Accounting has some street addresses, however, the City of Durham should have all street addresses.

Plant Accounting does not charge for space. Cost Allocation & Analysis uses data from our our office to determine space charges. For specific questions, contact Plant Accounting at 919-681-4176.
Capital purchases where there's a 66xxxx on the purchase order. If the item is an asset, Plant Accounting changes the indicator on the purchase order to reflect that it is an asset. SAP changes the G/L account to a 17xxxxx. ZG generates an entry on 66xxxx cost element for the 17xxxx entries nightly. Drill down to the line item display on the cost element.
Bills for your student account are prepared by the Bursar's office on a regular basis (schedule below) and made available to you electronically on DukeHub. All bills are delivered to you electronically - you will not receive a copy via US mail.
A copy of each bill will be sent to you via your Duke e-mail account each time a new e-bill is posted to DukeHub. In addition, anyone to whom you have given Proxy Access to view your bills on DukeHub will be carbon copied on the billing emails when they are sent to you.
Students are responsible for maintaining up-to-date address/contact information for individual student records via the DukeHub website (https://dukehub.duke.edu/). Graduate and Professional bills have gone paperless, and are always available through DukeHub.*
Students are notified via e-mail when statements are generated. Students who do not receive a billing statement by mail may print a copy of your statement directly from the DukeHub website.

For more information regarding payment options, please refer to our "Making Payments" section.