Department Travel Reimbursement and Corporate Card Representatives (TRaC Representatives)

Employee Travel & Reimbursement (ET&R) has established designated liaisons within each department for assistance with travel and reimbursement transactions, workflow management and corporate card responsibilities.  These designated contacts are referenced as the "Departmental Travel Reimbursement and Corporate Card Representatives (TRaC Reps)."  The role of the TRaC Representative is to:

  • Function as the liaison between the individual department and Employee Travel & Reimbursement. 
  • Monitor transactions to ensure workflow items are processed in a timely manner.   This is critical to reflect expenses in the appropriate fiscal period.  Follow up with recipients to expedite processing.
  • Take the appropriate action in response to system generated notifications:
    • Follow up with approvers to clear outstanding workflow transactions. 
    • Coordinate with cardholders to ensure receipts are processed timely.
    • Partner with other departmental initiators to ensure timely processing for corporate card transactions.
  • Receive communications regarding changes in business processes, deadlines, etc.  Departmental Business Managers will be copied on all communications as well.
  • Maintain a comprehensive understanding of corporate policies and procedures to ensure compliance with reimbursement, expense and corporate card transactions.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of workflow routing processes. 
  • Function as the central contact point for changes, additions, etc. for Online Travel and Corporate Card initiator and approver access.  Coordinate changes with Employee Travel & Reimbursement.
  • Serve as the departmental expert to assist with training departmental team members.
  • Initiate expense reports for travel and non-travel reimbursements.  Manage process for collecting original receipts and documentation to support the reimbursement.
  • Create expense reports to clear corporate card transactions.  All transactions should be cleared on a weekly basis.  Manage process for collecting original receipts and documentation to support the reimbursement.

Duke University and Health System Representatives

This list includes TRaC Representatives and their contact phone numbers, as well as the names of the department heads.

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