Corporate A/P Emailed Invoices

February 16, 2016

On May 14, 2015, Corporate Accounts Payable launched a new development to automatically upload invoices in the form of PDF images to the Duke University invoice imaging system.  This process allows both vendors and Duke Departments to email invoices to Corporate Accounts Payable using separate email addresses.

In support of this process and to ensure no delays with vendor payments, some reminders are included below. 

The best practice for invoice submission is directly from the vendor. 

Vendors must use the email address

In the event that a department may occasionally need to use this process, Duke Departments must use the email address

All emails sent must have an attachment.

All invoice images must be submitted in PDF format.

Each invoice should be submitted in a separate PDF.

Additional attachments not in PDF format will cause the entire email to fail.

Include all pages of the invoice (i.e. all 5 pages of a 5 page invoice).

Only invoices should be submitted for payment.  Quotes, packing slips, statements, order acknowledgements, pro-forma invoices, estimates etc. are not used to process payments through Corporate Accounts Payable.

Scanned images must be legible (best if scanned grayscale).

Encrypted or password protected PDF attachments should not be submitted.  Please make sure these features are disabled before sending.  These documents will cause the email to fail.

Imbedded web link documents cannot be submitted. These emails will also fail the upload process.

This is an automated process so it cannot retrieve vendor invoices from websites.

Imbedded e-mail with a pdf attachment will also fail.

Ensure all invoices include a valid 10-digit Duke purchase order number.

All other inquiries, including requests for vendor statements, questions, concerns, notifications, etc. should be submitted to the Corporate Accounts Payable Customer Service e-mail address: 

We appreciate your continued support and hope this process will continue to provide additional departmental efficiencies.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Corporate Accounts Payable at 919-684-3112 or email us at