Reimbursement Process

A Travel Expense Form is required at the completion of all Duke-related travel. Travel Expense Forms must be signed by the payee, reviewed for compliance with this policy, and approved by the person to whom the payee reports or a senior official in the department. (E.g. Department Chairs should have Travel Expense Forms approved by their Dean and Deans should have Travel Expense Forms approved by an official in the proper management center.) The approval authority may be delegated, with the understanding that the individual will report any findings or gross observations to a senior official in the department.

Under no circumstances may an employee approve his or her own transactions, or those of a supervisor.

Travel expenses more than one year old cannot be reimbursed without the approval from the appropriate management center.

Within budgetary constraints, Duke will reimburse necessary and reasonable expenses incurred during properly authorized travel for employees and students on the Travel Expense Form. Duke will not reimburse expenses that have been or will be reimbursed from any outside source.

Employees who submit reimbursement requests on a regular basis (i.e., at least once per quarter) should accumulate their expenses until the sum of the amount owed to the employee equals $25 or more before submitting a reimbursement request.

Travel Expense Forms are processed within seven to ten business days after the request is received by Employee Travel & Reimbursement.

Employees and student employees receiving payroll payments via direct deposit will receive travel reimbursement payments the same way. An email notification, addressed to the employee or student employee, provides information about the timing of the deposit or transfer to their financial institution.

Employees and students receiving reimbursement via check can pick up their checks at the University Cashiers Office, located in the Smith Warehouse, 114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Bay 8, Room B103.  An email notification, sent to the employee or student employee, provides information about the availability of the check.  The individual picking up the check must present a valid Duke Identification Card.

See GAP 200.027, Expense Reports – General Guidelines and Procedures, for more information regarding Travel Expenses.