Billing, Invoice & Check Information

Billing Address

Present Invoices to:

Duke Corporate Accounts Payable
324 Blackwell Street
Washington Building, Ste 800
Box 104131
Durham, NC 27708

Invoice Requirements

Invoices received must comply with University guidelines and fulfill purchase order requirements before being processed for payment. The invoice must reference a valid purchase order.

  • Duke does not pay sales tax on invoices. If the invoice includes sales tax it is deleted from the invoice total. 
  • Payments cannot be processed from vendor statements, quotes, or order confirmations; an invoice is required. 
  • Invoices are processed as net 30 unless a prompt payment discount is offered.

Emailing Invoices

Invoices can be emailed to: VendorInvoice at

The following guidelines must be followed when emailing invoices:

    • All invoice images must be submitted in PDF format.
    • The PDF file name must not contain any special characters (only ALPHA NUMERIC) and cannot exceed 20 characters in length.
    • A separate PDF for each invoice is required.
    • The PDF cannot be secured or protected or the upload will fail.
    • Invoice images cannot be embedded in the body of the e-mail.
    • Invoice image must reference a Duke PO number.
    • The PDF Invoice image must contain all pages; partial invoice copies are not accepted
    • The PDF Invoice image must be legible.
    • Only invoices should be submitted for payment.  Quotes, packing slips, statements, order acknowledgements, pro-forma invoices, estimates etc. are not used to process payments through Accounts Payable.
    • The new email address should NOT be used for general correspondence or inquiries by either vendors or departments. Past due invoices, vendor statements, questions, concerns, notifications, etc. are to be submitted to the Accounts Payable customer service email address:  AccountsPayable at


  • Checks are issued twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday. The SAP system generates an EDI transmission of check information and sends it to Duke's banking institution. Checks are printed in batch by our banking institution and mailed the following day.

A stop payment is issued for checks that have been lost. A check must be 30 days old before a stop payment is issued on the check.