Soliciting Bids & Quotes

A standard set of approved terms and conditions are utilized for major Request for Proposal (RFP) transactions within Procurement and Supply Chain Management. 

Sourcing Managers and Sourcing Analysts craft RFP documents utilizing standard RFP templates, and in Word format. 

The signed RFP cover letter, Procurement terms and conditions, and RFP statistics are sent to the RFP vendor recipients via PDF format.  RFP questions are sent to the RFP vendor recipients via Word format.

RFP documents are stored by Procurement Services according to the sourcing manager and by commodity.

Vendor RFP recipients are instructed to submit one RFP response via PDF format.

Once an RFP has been awarded, the following RFP documents are stored and maintained in Procurement's Contract Management Database, along with the relevant contract documents.

  • Vendor RFP responses
  • Relevant e-mail communications
  • RFP financial analysis
  • RFP award/decline letters (signed by Sourcing Managers)

For more information about the soliciting bids or initiating a Request for Proposal process, please contact Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Phone: (919) 681-5900
Fax: (919) 684-4344
Email: Procurement at