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In 2004, Duke and Staples Advantage, formerly Corporate Express, developed a unique partnership in order to "green" Duke's office supplies purchases. Key project components:

  • Identify and appropriately label environmentally preferable ("green") products in the Staples catalog and Eway
  • Educate end users about the environmental impacts of their purchases
  • Develop an accounting system to track Duke's purchasing of green products

The results have been impressive: purchases of products designated with the “Ecoffice” logo increased from 11.6% to 17%. A full 30% of contract office product items are Ecoffice products.

How to Buy Energy Star Qualified Products

Buy through Duke

Computers, monitors, fax machines, printers, and copiers bought through Duke are Energy Star.  Mini-fridges rented through Vending Services and on-campus laundry machines are also Energy Star! Duke Stores offer Energy Star compliant light bulbs

Just Ask!

When speaking with an appliance retailer, just ask. "I'm looking for an Energy Star qualified refrigerator, which of these models is Energy Star?" Asking for help puts the burden on the vendor instead of you.

Make it a contract requirement

Along with your other requirements; stipulate that your designer, distributor, or contractor supply products that adhere to Energy Star guidelines.

Look for the label

Many Energy Star approved products sport the Energy Star Logo. However, many do not. Look for the label, and if you are unsure of whether a product complies, then ask the retailer.

Get online

The Energy Star web site, has complete and comprehensive information regarding product areas, make and model numbers, and energy savings. You can also compare an Energy Star product to a non-compliant product using the Savings Calculators.

Contact Duke Green Purchasing at GreenPurchasing at for responsible purchasing guidance.

For information on other sustainability efforts at Duke, visit

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