Payroll Update

June 14, 2011

Corporate Payroll Services is excited to announce some upcoming opportunities for departments.  Please review the updates below and share with your departmental colleagues as necessary.  We appreciate your continued support as our Corporate Payroll Services team continues to implement new customer service enhancements.  Feel free to contact our Payroll team at (919) 684-2642, if you have any questions or need additional information.

Change in Deadlines for ReportXpress Lockdown and Electronic Time Cards for Biweekly Employees

Effective July 19, 2011 for pay period 15 which ends July 17, 2011, the designated times for both the ReportXpress and the Electronic Timecard lockdowns for biweekly (nonexempt) employees will transition from their current days and times to Tuesday mornings at 10:00am.  Gross adjustments for current pay periods will continue to be due at 3:00pm on Tuesday afternoons.  This change will allow consistency for all time card related deadlines.  In addition, we anticipate reduced volumes of unapproved time cards that require follow up and manual signatures after the pay periods are locked.  This change will eliminate the need for schedule changes for holidays that fall on a Monday.

In support of this transition, the Corporate Payroll Services team will continue the following processes:

  • Distribution of email communications to departments who have critical error messages in ReportXpress as of 3:00pm on Monday afternoons.  This will allow time for departments to make the necessary corrections and approve time records in ReportXpress and will eliminate the need for a paper time card.
  • Distribution of email communications to departments who have unapproved electronic time cards as of 3:00pm on Monday afternoons.
  • Distribution of email communications to departments who have unapproved ReportXpress time cards as of 3:00pm on Monday afternoons.

These communications will be sent to the appropriate contacts prior to 5:00pm on Monday afternoons.

New Drop Box Location

In our ongoing efforts to provide customer service enhancements, we continue to assess locations of drop boxes for departmental conveniences. An additional drop box is available in the lobby area of the Sponsored Programs Office located on the third floor of the Erwin Square building, 2200 West Main St., Suite 300.  The drop box is available to all Duke departments in the Erwin Square facilities.  The daily pick up time by the Corporate Payroll Services courier is 8:45am.  A list of all available drop boxes is located on the Corporate Payroll website.

New Process for Paid Time Off Accruals for Monthly Employees

Effective June, 2011, the process for calculating and posting adjustments for Health System monthly employee Paid Time Off accruals will transition from the API Resource Group to Corporate Payroll  Services.  Please send all adjustments to Corporate Payroll Services, Box 90484.  You may send this information through the available drop boxes.  Any questions related to the Paid Time Off process can be emailed to