Tuition Withdrawal Adjustments

When students withdraw from school or are withdrawn by the university, an adjustment to tuition may occur, depending on the date of the withdrawal. There is no adjustment for mandatory fees after classes begin.

If the tuition adjustment results in a credit balance, the student or parent may elect to have the balance refunded or carried forward for future terms. 

However, upon withdrawal from a term, any military tuition assistance that has been awarded will be refunded to the US government according to the adjustment schedule for Title IV federal financial aid. 

Schedule of Withdrawal Adjustments*

Undergraduate · Divinity · MBA · School of Nursing · School of the Environment · Physician’s Assistant · Graduate Studies · Engineering Management · Law· Sanford School of Public Policy
Before classes begin
During first or second week of classes
During third, fourth, or fifth week of classes
During sixth week of classes
After sixth week of classes
Medical School
Before the end of first week of classes
After first week
Fuqua Executive Programs
Please review the Fuqua bulletin for details.

In the event of death or a call to active duty in the armed services, a full tuition refund is granted regardless of the program.

*State of residency refund policy may apply for distance learners.