Making Payments

Making a Payment

  • Duke University does not accept credit or debit cards for payment of tuition & fees
  • Please pay by e-check – a fast and convenient method for paying your student account. To pay by e-check, please visit the DukePay website.
  • If you are paying from abroad and are unable to send a U.S. Dollar check drawn on a U.S. financial institution, or if your bank is unable to provide you with a check drawn on its U.S. branch, please submit your payment by bank wire. You may submit payment via our preferred international providers found by clicking the International Payment icon on the Bursar website. Bank wires take several days to reach the United States - please contact your bank in advance of the due date on your bill to ensure that your wire is received by the University by the due date.
  • Check payments should be mailed to:

    Duke University Cashiering Office
    Box 90759
    Durham, NC  27708

    To ensure prompt credit to your student account, please include a copy of your bill when mailing your payment.  Your check should be:

    • Payable in U.S. dollars to "Duke University"
    • Include your name and student account number (from your bill)
    • Drawn on
      • A U.S. financial institution (such as Wells Fargo), or
      • A U.S. branch of your financial institution (example: the New York City branch of Barclay's Bank PLC)

Your check will be deposited upon receipt.

  • Overnight Carriers- For guaranteed next day receipt please use FedEx, UPS or DHL. These should be directed to:

    Duke University Cashiering
    Bay 8, Room B-103
    114 South Buchanan Boulevard
    Durham, NC   27701

    Do not send USPS standard or overnight to this address. The U.S. Postal service does not deliver USPS priority/overnight mail to the Duke University Cashiering Office.

Restrictions on Past Due Accounts

Tuition and fees are due before the start of each term. If your account becomes past due, a late payment penalty charge (not to exceed 1.25% of the past due balance from the prior bill) will be assessed on subsequent bills. If your account remains unpaid, you will not be allowed to register for future semesters and may be administratively withdrawn from Duke. As long as your account is past due, you will not have access to academic transcripts, be able to have academic credits certified, or receive a diploma at graduation. If your account remains outstanding after your departure from Duke, it may be referred to a collection agency and reported to a credit bureau.

Monthly Payment Plan

Duke University partners with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to allow currently enrolled students and their parents to pay term charges in monthly payments as follows:

  • Fall balance                 July 1 – November 1
  • Spring balance             December 1 – April 1

A non-refundable plan enrollment fee of $40 is charged for TMS participation.

As a TMS participant, you will continue to receive statements on a regular basis from the Duke Bursar's Office. This statement should reflect your TMS payments made to date.  The balance due on your statement, which includes charges for the current term, must be covered by your remaining scheduled TMS payments for that term.  Fall Plan payments made to TMS (July 1 to November 1) must clear fall term charges; Spring Plan payments (December 1 to April 1) must clear spring term charges.  If the balance due on your statement will not be cleared by your remaining scheduled payments for the term, please submit a payment for the difference directly to Duke. For more information, visit or contact TMS at (800)722-4867.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to use the TMS Worksheet to calculate their Total TMS Budget Amount.

The deadline for enrolling in the Fall Plan is August 1.  The deadline for enrolling in the Spring Plan is January 1.

Returned Checks

If a check or e-check payment posted to your student account is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds or a closed account, the returned check, along with a $25 returned check fee, will be charged to your student account. You will receive an e-mail notice regarding the returned check. The e-mail will include instructions for clearing the returned check.

The $25.00 returned check fee is assessed for each returned check and is charged regardless of the amount of each returned check.

If an account indicates a history of returned checks, the University may suspend a student’s check writing privileges. Returned checks that remain unpaid and cases of multiple returned checks may be referred to the student’s dean, to the appropriate judicial board, and to the Duke University Police Department for further action.

Payroll Deduction

If you are paid on one of the University's payrolls, you may authorize payment of your current term tuition & fees via payroll deduction. Payroll deduction plans are available as follows:

Fall Term: August, September, October, November
Spring Term: January, February, March, April
Summer Term: May, June, July

The following rules apply to payroll deduction plans:

  • your payroll deduction plan for current term tuition & fees should be set-up prior to the start of the term; plans for the current term are no longer available after the end of drop/add
  • your prior term charges must be paid in full - these cannot be added to your new payroll deduction plan for current term tuition and fees
  • you may include current term tuition and required fees, as well as room & board in your payroll deduction plan; other charges, such as traffic tickets, library fines and late payment fees should be paid directly to the Bursar's Office upon billing
  • your payroll deduction plan must include minimum tuition & fees of $450.  If your total tuition & fees for the current term are less than $450, you should submit your payment directly to the Bursar's Office
  • you will continue to receive monthly bills while on the payroll deduction plan.  Please review these to ensure deductions taken from your paycheck are accurately reflected.  If there are new charges on your bill that are not covered by your payroll deduction plan, please pay these by the due date on the bill.

To request a payroll deduction plan for the current term, please fill out our online form.

Parents of Duke students who wish to pay via payroll deduction should contact bursar at to make arrangements.

Sponsored Billing

If another party will be paying your student account charges and  needs a copy of your bill or student account history, please visit DukeHub to:

  1. print or download a PDF of your bill or student account history for them, or 
  2. Grant Guest Access (pdf) to allow your third party to view your bills in DukeHub. Guests given access to your bills will receive a carbon copy of each billing email sent to you. 

If a government agency or your employer will be paying all or a portion of your tuition and fees, and requires a bill be sent to them directly from our office, please have your sponsor e-mail a billing authorization to sponsored-student-billing at, or fax it to 919-684-3091.

Your sponsor should provide the following information in each billing authorization:

  • sponsor’s name
  • billing address
  • billing contact (name, telephone, fax number and e-mail)
  • semesters/terms sponsor plans to pay
  • special billing instructions (e.g., purchase order/ID number we should reference on our invoice to your sponsor – please ask your sponsor not to list your SSN)
  • tuition and fees  the sponsor plans to pay on your behalf

New or renewal sponsored billing authorizations must be received by the following due dates for each term in order to avoid having late payment penalties charged to your student account:

  • Fall term – due by August 1
  • Spring term – due by January 1
  • Summer terms – due by May 12

Your sponsor should copy you when e-mailing a billing authorization to sponsored-student-billing at You will receive an e-mail confirmation from Duke whenever a billing authorization has been received from your sponsor.

Tuition and fees are due prior to the start of each term even if they are being billed to your sponsor. We will bill your sponsor promptly based on the billing authorization information received. Authorized charges will be billed to them one time per semester – we do not send reminder bills to sponsors. These bills will be delivered electronically to your sponsor by e-mail.

If you are a continuing student and we already have billing authorization for future terms from your sponsor, we will continue to bill your sponsor for future terms unless a renewal authorization is required.

We will only bill your sponsor for tuition and fees that have been charged on your student account. We will not bill them for your books or other living expenses that are not charged through your student account – your sponsor should pay these expenses to you directly. If your sponsor plans to pay after you have successfully completed your coursework, you will be required to pay up-front; no sponsor bill will be issued. You will need to coordinate reimbursement directly with your sponsor after the coursework is completed.

Tuition and fees billed to your sponsor will remain on your student account. If your sponsor does not pay by the due date specified, or if sponsor payment is delayed because billing authorization was not provided by the deadlines above, you will be assessed late payment penalty charges. If payment from your sponsor for the current term has still not arrived by the time of pre-registration for future terms, you will be unable to register or access transcripts.  Please remind your sponsor of the importance of providing billing authorization information and paying sponsored charges on a timely basis.

It is your responsibility to pay any charges or outstanding amounts not paid by your sponsor. If your sponsor fails to pay the billed amount by the designated due date, you will be responsible for payment. To determine if your sponsor has paid, please check your student account history on DukeHub; if your sponsor has not paid, please contact them directly.