Foreign Lodging

Duke reimburses travelers for single occupancy and expects everyone to use moderately priced hotel accommodations. A price exception will be allowed if the hotel is the location of the conference or symposium attended.

Duke will not reimburse a traveler for the following expenses:

  • In room video rentals
  • In room alcoholic beverages
  • Health club charges
  • Personal telephone calls except to report changes in schedule, or to talk with family members once a day for a reasonable period of time
  • Loss or theft of personal property

When traveling abroad, a per diem, based on the U.S. Department of State published rate for the area is allowed for lodging in lieu of documentation. If the U.S Department of State rate is different than the rate provided in the online expense report tool or if travel occurs in a region where a per diem has not been established in the tool, please contact Employee Travel and Reimbursement at employeetravel at so that the rate can be updated. Per diem claims in excess of this amount are not allowed unless a grant or contract specifies otherwise.

The foreign travel per diem rates and actual expenses may not be interchanged. One option should be chosen for the duration of the trip. Students are not eligible to use the foreign travel per diems.