Foreign Air Travel

Duke members and their guests are expected to secure the lowest reasonable airfare offered. It is permissible to make reservations as far in advance of the departure as possible to secure the lower rates. Duke provides reimbursement at the economy or business fare rate for international travel. The use of first class air accommodations is not authorized.

Whenever possible, airfare should be charged to the Duke Corporate Card to minimize the out of pocket cost to the traveler. Airfares paid by other methods (personal credit card, cash, etc.) cannot be reimbursed to the traveler until after the trip takes place. Membership fees to airline clubs are not reimbursable. Upgrades at the expense of Duke are not permitted.

Note: Foreign/International travel applies to travel outside the United States and its territories, Canada, and Mexico.


Preferred Travel Agencies

Please refer to Supplier Agreements on the Procurement website.


Airline Frequent Flyer Programs

Employees may participate in frequent flyer programs and retain the miles earned while traveling on Duke business as long as participation in these programs does not affect flight selection resulting in an additional cost to Duke. Duke will not reimburse travelers for tickets purchased with frequent flyer miles.


Cancellation of Travel Plans

Duke will reimburse individuals for change or cancellation fees assessed by the airlines provided the change or cancellation was caused by unavoidable circumstances. Individuals must submit supporting documentation with their Travel Expense Form showing the amount of the penalty and provide an explanation for the additional fees.


Electronic Ticketing Reimbursement Guidelines

When purchasing an electronic ticket (from a travel agency or on the web), the traveler should request a "passenger receipt coupon" as documentation when checking in at the airport. If the original passenger receipt coupon is not available, the following documentation is required:

  • proof of purchase such as a passenger receipt or itinerary/invoice, and
  • boarding passes issued at the time of travel to provide documentation that the trip occurred


Travel by Noncommercial Aircraft

Please refer to the Travel by Noncommercial Aircraft policy.