Frequently Asked Questions




  1. How can I stop the workflow emails from arriving in my Inbox?
  2. Which form is used for travel reimbursement for non-Duke employee or student, such as a visiting scholar or prospective student?
  3. Are receipts required for meals?
  4. If I have a question about the travel policy or whether a particular travel expense is allowable, who do I call?
  5. Can gas for personal vehicles be purchased with the Corporate Card?
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Online Expense Reports: Corporate Card Transactions

  1. Why am I receiving email notifications in my inbox indicating that my employees have new corporate card transactions?
  2. How often will cardholders receive emails to remind them to approve an expense report?
  3. I have the “Manage Corporate Card Transactions” link. How do I incorporate the transactions into an expense report to clear the transactions?
  4. Do I have to create a report for both travel & non travel Corporate Card purchases?
  5. How do I access the “change” button on the Manage Corporate Card Transaction list?
  6. I need to change the expense type for a corporate card non-travel transaction because an expense type was preloaded but it isn't correct. How do I change it?
  7. Someone purchased several airline tickets for Duke employee’s outside our department (therefore not part of “My Employees”). Do I just clear the transactions from our corporate card? Is there any way to “reassign” the charges outside our department?
  8. Can I include an out-of-pocket expense in a Corporate Card Non-travel expense report?
  9. If you have one transaction that includes charges for multiple employees (i.e.: purchase 5 $200.00 airline tickets for 5 different employees and the airline charges the corporate card one $1000.00 transaction) can you split the transaction so that it can be reassigned to different people?
  10. Who do I contact to dispute a charge?
  11. I have purchased gift cards with a corporate card to pay experimental subjects. What documentation is required?
  12. Why aren't transactions displaying in the Credit Card Imports tab?
  13. Why is the Change button grayed out on the Corporate Card Non-Travel expense report?
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International SOS

  1. What is International SOS?
  2. How can International SOS help?
  3. How does it work?
  4. What do I need to do to use the program?
  5. Do I need to activate my membership?
  6. What are Email Alerts? How do I sign-up for them?
  7. What if I need a doctor?
  8. What if I need a lawyer while overseas?
  9. What if I need prescription medication?
  10. What if I am hospitalized?
  11. What if local medical facilities are not adequate for my specific requirements?
  12. What happens when I am released from the hospital and still need help?
  13. Will International SOS pay my medical bills?
  14. How can International SOS assist in the event of death?
  15. What should I do in the event of a security emergency?
  16. What is security evacuation assistance and coordination?
  17. How do I access up-to-the-minute information about security alerts, warnings and the latest situations?
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Online Expense Reports: General Information

  1. Are there any changes to Employee Travel and Reimbursements policies as a result of implementing the new online travel tool?
  2. I have a long list of employees under "My Employees." How can I organize that list?
  3. I need to delete a trip. What should I do?
  4. What expense information can I view from SAP?
  5. How should departments handle overpayments?
  6. Is there training available for the Online Travel Tool?
  7. Should relocation expenses be submitted via the new Online Travel and Reimbursement tool?
  8. How do I break out NC sales tax from a receipt?*
  9. Will temporary employees have access to create expense reports?
  10. I missed the in classroom trainings. Will there be ongoing classroom training?
  11. When should corporate charges be “reassigned”?
  12. Once transactions become available in the online expense report tool, will they be removed from WORKS?
  13. How do I process a credit in the Online Expense Report Tool?
  14. If I entered the wrong expense type in an expense report, how can I change the expense type to reflect the correct expense type?
  15. Can I add to an expense report once it has been posted for payment or if it is still in the approval process?
  16. I cleared my transactions in WORKS prior to October 18Th and now the transactions are showing up both in WORKS and in the Duke@Work Online Travel system. Do I need to clear them twice?
  17. I created a travel expense report and now the dates of travel have changed. Can I change the dates?
  18. I need to delete an expense report that included corporate card transactions but am getting an error message. What do I need to do?
  19. Can expense reports have overlapping dates?
  20. What does it mean to "bundle" transactions?
  21. Who do I contact if I need to change the default travel cost object found in the General Data Step for expense reports for myself or employees for whom I initiate expense reports?
  22. What date should I consider when I create an expense report – the settlement date (date posted) or the receipt date?
  23. Why am I receiving an email reminder regarding write-offs?
  24. What happens when my elements are “greyed out” or unavailable on the screen?
  25. I’m receiving an SAP error message when I try to export my report from Duke@Work into Excel?
  26. When opening a previously approved expense report in Mozilla Firefox, I'm receiving a "SAP Popup Window" message. What is the work around?
  27. What information should I include in the “Destination/Purpose” field in Step 1, the General Data section?
  28. Why will Employee Travel & Reimbursement return an expense report?
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Online Expense Reports: Cost Assignment

  1. The default cost assignment is incorrect. How do I change this default?
  2. I have several codes to use in completing an expense report. Which cost assignment should I use for the default of the expense?
  3. What if I enter an invalid cost object in the cost assignment field?
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Online Expense Reports: Receipts & Attachments

  1. What if I do not have a receipt? For example, an employee bought a taco at a taco stand and they do not give receipts.
  2. Should I block out any information before scanning?
  3. What if I uploaded the wrong attachment?
  4. Can attachments be deleted once uploaded?
  5. When do I unselect the “Paper Receipt” field on the “Enter Receipts” page?
  6. Who has access to the PDF of receipts?
  7. I have used the mileage log function in the online travel tool, but my approvers can't view the log? What is the problem?
  8. Can attachments/receipts be deleted once uploaded?
  9. For missing receipt forms, since the cardholder approves the expense online, is it necessary for them to sign the missing receipt form?
  10. After entering receipts, I received a yellow triangle cautionary message. Why am I receiving this message?
  11. Can approvers view a copy of the receipt(s) that have been uploaded as an attachment before they approve the report?
  12. If ET&R notices a sales receipt needs tax removed, will ET&R return the expense report to the initiator?
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Online Expense Reports: Workflow & Approvals

  1. How can I stop the workflow emails from arriving in my Inbox?
  2. How can I find out where the expense is in the approval process?
  3. An employee is not receiving the workflow notification emails but the workflows are in his or her Universal Worklist. What should we do?
  4. If I have sent an expense report for approval and quickly realize a change needs to be made, what action should I take?
  5. If I am the initiator for an employee's trip or non-travel expense, and I'm also the Departmental Designee approver, can I approve this trip even though I created it?
  6. I have an expense that was returned to me. I corrected the expense and resubmitted the expense for approval. What happens to the workflow associated with this expense?
  7. I have an expense that requires an approval that is not part of the standard workflow? How do I get this approval?
  8. I need to forward a workflow and want to add comments before forwarding. How should I do this?
  9. When approving, where can I find the comments entered by initiators?
  10. Where can I locate comments entered during the workflow process?
  11. If I forward a workflow for an expense report, will the person I forward it to receive an email notification?
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Online Expense Reports: Schemas

  1. Can I create a Non-Travel Expense with a wide range of dates?
  2. Is development schema new?
  3. Can I have a travel expense report and a non-travel expense report for the same date?
  4. For international travel, if I have additional destinations and some of those destinations have a different business purpose than others, what "Activity Type"do I chose on the General Data page?
  5. When clearing a Corporate Card line item charge in any schema, is it possible to take that one transaction amount and split it into two G/L’s or Expense Types?
  6. Can I change the schema once an expense report is saved?
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