Domestic Ground Transportation


Rental Cars

It is the employee's responsibility to use the least expensive car that is suitable for the intended business use. Duke will not reimburse employees for the following related expenses:

  • Collision/Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW)
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
  • Other additional insurance coverage

Students and guests of Duke renting a vehicle for Duke business should accept the collision and liability insurance from the rental car agency. For students and guests only, Duke will reimburse this cost.


Vehicle Rental Policy

Please refer to Rental Vehicle Policy.


Vehicle Insurance

Please refer to Vehicle Insurance.


Employee Use of Personal Vehicle

Please refer to Employee Use of Personal Vehicles.


Automobile Usage

For trips normally undertaken by plane, reimbursement for travel by personal automobile will be limited to the lesser of the mileage or economy class airfare. Reimbursement for use of a personal automobile may exceed economy airfares under special circumstances. Examples of such circumstances are: the need to haul equipment for Duke purposes or travel together by two or more Duke employees. In the latter case, the names of all Duke employees or faculty members traveling as passengers should be listed on the Travel Expense Form, with a notation made for cross-reference if the passengers incurred other transportation expenses (for which they should submit separate Travel Expense Forms).

Expenses associated with normal commuting between an employee's home and regular place of business are not reimbursable.


Automobile Mileage

Reimbursement for travel by personal automobile is at the rate per mile published by the Internal Revenue Service. This rate covers all expenses, except toll charges and parking fees, relating to the operation of the car. If a personal automobile is used for local travel, documentation submitted for reimbursement should include dates traveled, mileage, destination, and business purpose of travel.

Duke will not reimburse employees for the following expenses:

  • Parking tickets
  • Traffic violations and court costs
  • Vehicle towing charges
  • Vehicle repair costs regardless of whether it results from the traveler's actions or the actions of others

Total miles allowed for travel to the airport on workdays is 32 miles round trip if parking at the airport during the trip or 64 miles (two round trips) if not parking. On weekends/holidays, mileage is computed from the employee's home to the airport. These calculations are based on IRS regulations.

Ex: Leaving for the airport on a weekend/holiday and returning home on a workday; mileage to the airport is calculated from the employee's home, mileage from the airport would be 16 miles, the one way mileage to Duke.


Mileage Log

Please refer to Mileage Log.


Current Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Please refer to Mileage Reimbursement Rate announcement.