All courses have test materials at the conclusion to verify participants have command of the necessary content from the course. Participants who do not achieve 80% competency level on their End of Course Exam may take the exam a second time . If the participant fails to pass the exam on the second try, he/she will be required to retake the class. Please contact the Curriculum Leaders at finance-training at duke.edu.

Each curriculum has a final Certification Exam designed to demonstrate the individual's mastery of the necessary material. An 80% competency level must be achieved to pass the Certification Exam. Results below 80% will be subject to review by the Curriculum Leader to determine appropriate next steps. A participant's area of deficiency will be identified from the exam results and specific classes may need to be completed before retaking the final exam; participants who do not successfully complete the final exam will not be required to retake all courses in the curriculum.

A TRaC Representative Certification Exam will be offered two times per month and an 80% passing grade is required to attain certification upon completion of the FCP program. This test will be held in a designated computer lab and will be open to all certification tracks (each certification track will have a different exam relevant to that track).

Course material (does not includes course quizzes) may be brought to Final Exam for reference. For copies of the most recent course material, please contact the Financial Training Team at Finance-Training at duke.edu.