Certified TRac Representatives

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Andrea Sempervive Employee Travel & Reimbursement
Austin Clary Employee Travel & Reimbursement
Kathryn DoBrez Employee Travel & Reimbursement
Greg Mims Employee Travel and Reimbursement
Marissa Flanigan Employee Travel and Reimbursement
Daniela Adams Employee Travel and Reimbursement
Jakita Turrentine FABS Faculty Support
Wendy Morris Financial Services
Jane O'Briant Fuqua School of Business
Martha Grace Orman Fuqua School of Business
Barbara Baxter Fuqua School of Business
Chrishawna Peterson GCB Administration
Briana Edwards Global Education Office
Darren Carlino Immunology
Roger Poff Law School
Elizabeth Chandler Le@DD Initiative
Monique Brown Math Department
Troy Arrington Medical Center Development
Karina Sotomayor Medicine-Nephrology
Lyubov Frasier Molecular Physiology
Joyce Sizemore Molecular Physiology
Alyssa Brewer Neurobiology
Rhonda Mooney OBGYN
Dawn Schaefer Office of the Registrar
Angie Rigsbee Pediatrics