Financial Certification Program

FCP The Financial Certification Program, a service of Duke University’s Financial Services, is a career development tool for employees with financial responsibilities at Duke including Duke University Health System. There are four certification tracks from which to choose. Participation in each track requires an employee to be performing related responsibilities as part of their job. Each of the individual certification programs offers comprehensive training to strengthen skills and to ensure depth of knowledge in an area of expertise. Certification in a chosen career path provides the employee with a credential recognized throughout the Duke community.

Certified employees will exit the program with enhanced skills as outlined in detail in the Outcomes Outlines available on each certification page. Managers throughout Duke are encouraged to use their employee-participants in value-added roles by:

  • Delegating additional work and responsibilities to the participant
  • Supporting employee growth and development from certification
  • Seeking new hires who have completed certification

Individual certification specialties have unique programming requirements. Please visit the individual track links for specific guidelines unique to each program.

FCP certification must be completed in the required amount of time for each specialty. Additionally, program participation requires consistent pacing of course completion, with mandatory benchmarks.

Supervisor approval is mandatory for participation due to the rigorous program demands and the commitment necessary for completion.

Within this section, you can find information on the following certification programs: