Information for Supervisors

Program Benefits

The Financial Systems Specialist Certification Program will provide the organization with stronger employee commitment, a more stable employee base, better information on which to make hiring decisions and enhanced financial controls including fewer errors entered into the financial system and subsequent error corrections. Program goals include:

  • Develop a highly qualified financial user
  • Encourage and ensure an atmosphere of compliance
  • Contribute to a stronger environment of internal controls
  • Detail accountability and expected responsibilities
  • Clearly defined skills outcomes enhance hiring practices to ensure appropriate job fit for positions with financially related duties

Certified employees will exit the program with enhanced skills as outlined in detail in the Financial Systems Specialist Outcomes Outlines. Managers throughout Duke are encouraged to use their employee-participants in value-added roles by:

    • Delegating additional work and responsibilities to the participant
    • Supporting employee growth and development from certification
    • Seeking new hires who have completed certification


Expectations of Supervisors

Professional development is central to Duke University's mission of excellence. Support for employee development opportunities is expected from all supervisors when the opportunities are reasonable, applicable, and manageable. The Financial Systems Specialist program requires:

  • Respect for program guidelines
  • Recognition of the time commitment involved in completing certification
  • Understanding of the value to professional development for your employee
  • Allowance for class attendance without repercussions. No personal time is required when employees are participating in employer sponsored professional development
  • Acceptance of departmental penalty fee forfeiture for class absences in which an employee has registered


Failure to Attend Charge

The Financial Systems Specialist program is based on a sequenced and structured model with time constraints for completion. Failure to attend a class for which a participant has registered results in inefficient use of instructor time and classroom space. A $100.00 fee (per occurrence) will be assessed to the department of the participant, and will be disclosed in the enrollment material online and the supervisor confirmation described above. During enrollment, the participant and/or supervisor will supply the default cost center to which any such charges will apply.


Contract of Enrollment

In the beginning of the enrollment process, both the Participant and the Participant's Supervisor are required to read, sign, and return a Contract of Enrollment that states the expectations of the curriculum are clearly understood.


Course Schedule

To view certification courses & class schedules, please visit the Financial Systems Specialist course listings.