Certified Financial Systems Specialists

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Erin Jenkins Opthalmology
Emily Berthold Orthopaedics
Robin Otto Orthopaedics
Sheila Smith Orthopaedics
Erika Griffin Orthopaedics-1F
Amber Rogers PAS Adm - Provost Office
Sherrie Clayton PAS Adm - Student Loan
Amy Orange Pathology - General
Betsy Wagner PDC - Administration
Holly Hering Ped-Residency Training Program
Amy Seidel Pediatric - Neurology
Michelle Smith Pediatric Bone Marrow
Gayle Kerr Pediatric-Endocrinology
Carol Ware Pediatrics
Tammy Long Pediatrics
Diane Crayton Pediatrics
David Dellinger Pediatrics
Christy Ragan Pediatrics
Anita Cherry Pediatrics
Jie Wu Pediatrics - Cardiology
Gwen Pfeifer Pediatrics - Chairman's Office
Ronald Patoka Pediatrics - Neonatology
Donna Hoover Pediatrics-Chairman Office
Juanita Clark Pediatrics-Chairman's Office
Joye Voshell Pediatrics-Medical Genetics