Certified Financial Systems Specialists

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Whitney Barnes Women's Services
Laura Becker DCI Office of Research Support
Tony Belch Executive Vice Dean for Administration
Jamila Belk Engineering
Emily Berthold Orthopaedics
Nancy Bishop Cell Biology
Sherriffe Blake Office of Residential Life, Student Affairs
Pamela Blankenship Department of Biology
Alyssa Brewer Neurobiology
Teri Brooks Department of Urology
Thomas Brosnan Procurement Services-Supplier Management
Laura Brown University Secretary
Sherry Brown Finance & Resource Planning
Monique Brown Mathematics
Pat Bryan Fuqua School of Business
Chastity Buehring Campus Grants Management Team
Diane Butler Duke Outptaient Phlebotomy
Denise Bynum Flow Cytometry Lab
Jennifer Cabe DCI - Office of Reserach Support
Tera Caldwell TIP
Charlene Canteen Procurement Services
Michelle Capps Department of Medicine
Daneille Carr Anesthesiology-Bus & Sup Svcs
Stephen Cash Neurobiology
Catherine Cates Residence Life