Eligibility for the Certified Payroll Representative Certification

The Certified Payroll Representative Certification Program is open to any Duke University employee who fulfills the following qualifications:

  • Full time employee of Duke University
  • Employed by Duke University for a minimum of six (6) months
  • Has relevant responsibilities at Duke, i.e. technical component of job and are a payroll representative or back-up payroll representative
  • Has approval of their supervisor to participate


Enrollment in the FCP does not guarantee certification. Participants must fulfill the following standards:

  • Mandatory completion of the online orientation session
  • Demonstrate 80% proficiency on all End of Course exams
  • Demonstrate 80% proficiency on a final Certification Exam, encompassing all curriculum-relevant material
  • Completion in stated amount of time for individual certification program
  • Minimum length of one year Duke employment before certificate is awarded*


*Applies to employees new to Duke