Certified Payroll Representatives

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Laura Triggiano Math
Jennifer Torres Alunmi Affairs
Rhonda Tinnen Radiation Oncology
Teresa Tillman Duke University Libraries
Michele Thompson Corporate Payroll Services
Christina Thomas Campaign - Development Services
Jeverra Thomas DUH Finance
Gloria Taylor-Neal Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance
Shawn Stevens Duke Credit Union
Chrystal Stancil Graduate Medical Education - House Staff
Myra Stallings Events Management
Ella Smith DN Preop Screening
Rikkia Smith Facilities Management Division
Pamela Smith Psychology and Neuroscience
Carrie Slaughter Global & Civic Engagement
Patricia Silver Duke University Stores
Steffani Shouse Political Science
Nancy Shaw SSPP Central Admin Gen
Kelli Seace Duke Cancer Institute HR
Courtnie Scott Human Resources - Benefits
Judith Scott DUHS Assoc VP Heart Services
Traci Scoggins Clinical Engineering
Nelissa Salvador Corporate Payroll Services
Cristin Ryman Physics
Jeanne Ryan NSOE Central Admin