Certified Payroll Representatives

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Angela Zemonek Economics
Karla Young DUHS - Performance Services
Terra Ylizarde Duke Press
Tiffany Yarborough Economics
Misty Woodward Surgery
Danielle Woods Nursing Services - DUH
David Wong Documentary Studies
Michele Wittman Public Affairs and Government Relations
Lori Winfield Radiology Administration
Sarah Williams Nursing Services - DRH
Catherine Williams Cytology
Thea Whitted Cell Biology
Karen Whitesell Stastical Sciences
Penny Wheeley-Triplett Dean, Medical Education Administration
Michell Wheeler Engineering - Dean's Office
Carolyn Watson Resource Administration - General Op
Natalie Ward Ortho/Neuro Unit 6-3 - DRH
Cheryl Wallace Computer Science
Selnatta Vereen School of Nursing
Viridiana Vega Corporate Payroll Services
Delryna Vargas Clinical Depts Regional HR Services - School of Medicine
Irish Turrentine Duke University Library Services - HR
Vanessa Turnier Thompson Writing Program
Danielle Trojan Ped Cardiac
Katherine Trinajstich Corporate Payroll Services