Certified Payroll Representatives

Congratulations to the following University and Health System employees who have achieved certification!

Name Department
Deborah Fraze Mechanical Engineering and Material Science
Justin Harris Medicine - Gastroenterology
Jason Howard Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Tammy Harris Neurobiology
Christina MacDonald Neurobiology
Ethel Clay NPCC Medicaid
Jeanne Ryan NSOE Central Admin
Linda Richardson Nursing Recruitment
Sarah Williams Nursing Services - DRH
Ruth Boone Nursing Services - DUH
Licia McDonald Nursing Services - DUH
Danielle Woods Nursing Services - DUH
Iris Nottingham Nursing Services - DUH
Julie Hobgood Nursing Services - Duke Hospital
Gloria Taylor-Neal Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance
Erinn Nichols Office of Research Administration
Natalie Ward Ortho/Neuro Unit 6-3 - DRH
Gwendolyn Purnell PAS Adm - Provost Office
Judy Rigsbee PAS Adm - Ug Fin Aid
Kevin O'Connor PDC - Administration
Danielle Trojan Ped Cardiac
Allison Resch Perioperative Services Administration - DRH
Lucy Hart Peaden Taylor Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Cristin Ryman Physics
Steffani Shouse Political Science