A Grant Manager's Guide to Purchase Orders and Invoices - Session 2


Designed to assist Grant Managers successfully manage expenses related to purchasing goods and services using purchase orders, a Grant Manager's Guide to Purchase Orders and Invoices is a two part series providing a detailed look at all aspects of purchase orders and invoices.

Building on the foundational understanding built in Session 1, Session 2 offers hands on practice using tools and reports available in SAP and Duke@Work focusing on not only how to execute the reports, but how to analyze data in a meaningful way. Learners will explore the SAP Purchase Order Transaction ME23N, the Norikkon AP Center, the Workflow Status Report by both Cost Object and Org Unit view, the Unpaid Invoice Report, and the PO Commitment Tools and Report. The session is offered in two, two hour parts. 

RCC continuing education credit is offered for participants who successfully complete all required components.

Please note: This computer based class assumes all learners have a strong understanding of transactional and operational processes supporting purchase orders and invoices at Duke. Learners are STRONGLY ENCOURGED to attend Session 1 before attending Session 2. This class is REQUIRED before participating in Session 3.

Grant Managers
4 hours broken into 2 hour sessions
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