Unclaimed Property / Escheat Filing

Duke University has the responsibility to track its unclaimed property and attempt to return the property to its rightful owners.  Unclaimed property held by Duke University is generally in the form of outstanding vendor checks, payroll checks, and student refunds.  For Duke University Health System and its related hospitals, unclaimed property may also include patient credit balances or insurance refunds due.  

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Common Questions


  1. I received a letter about an uncashed check but I have no records pertaining to the check. I do not know whether this amount is owed to me or not. What should I do?
  2. I cannot recall what this check was for. Do you have more information?
  3. I received a letter addressed to a deceased family member. Can the check be reissued and made payable to me?
  4. What if the estate account has been closed?
  5. I would like the check reissued but made payable to someone else. Is that possible?
  6. I received a letter pertaining to an uncashed payroll check. Was this amount included on my W-2? If I ask for the check to be replaced, will my W-2 for this year be affected?
  7. The letter I received indicated a response deadline but I received the letter after the deadline. Can I still receive a replacement check?
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If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact the Corporate Tax department at (919) 684-0756.