Grants Management

The Grants Management tab is a resource for Grant Managers and Business Managers in their support of Sponsored Research.  This tab provides various reports and functional tools that are specific to sponsored research. Some of the key components of the Grants Management tab include the following: 

Sponsored Research Reports
Contains Non-personnel reports for the award management and closeout of sponsored projects

Departmental Grants Master Data Maintenance
Tools to allow Departments to assign individuals to various financial roles on their projects as well as to create and maintain a departmental name for their projects

Other Grants Management Links
Provides links to other sponsored research sites such as Sponsored Effort System (SES) and Research Compliance Tracker

MyResearch Reports for Grant Managers
Provides access for Grants Managers and support staff to the same versions of reports that Faculty who are Principal Investigators can access on their MyResearch Home page

Sponsored Research Forms, Workflow and Image Retrieval
Provides various Sponsored Project forms and tools, including the Closeout Tasklist utility, PI Attestation, Rebudgeting/CAS form, Obligation Worksheet, and Image Retrieval tool

Effort and Payroll Tools and Reports
Contains tools and reports relating to effort and payroll for sponsored project management

Projection and Reporting Tool
Tools to allow users to to perform projections on active faculty funding sources, both Projects and Cost Centers.  Includes reports showing effort projections for individuals by funding source

Users will request access to the Grants Management tab via their SAP Security Administrator.  Many of the reports do not have additional security requirements, but any report with salary information will require the user be assigned to an appropriate financial role on the project of interest.  Roles are assigned by a department’s Departmental Administrator. 

If you are having difficulty with accessing the system, cannot locate a fund for which you have responsibility, or have questions about a particular amount or transaction, please contact your department business office.