The Finance tab in Duke@Work offers standard SAP reports that are currently available in the SAP software component as well as some new reports. The web versions have enhanced capabilities that users will find helpful in analyzing financial data.

These web-based reports are a further step in migrating SAP functions from the client to the web. For example, users will find the ZF107: All Funds-One Line Summary report in both the client and Duke@Work. More reports will added over time.

The primary advantage of using the portal-based reports is the enhanced capabilities, including:

  • easier manipulation of data;
  • easier steps for exporting; and
  • better printing directions and output.

Access to the new web-based reports is granted to all users who have the standard financial reporting security profile in SAP.

To see information about using web-based reports, please review the Reporting Templates Guide.

If you have any questions regarding these reports or a user’s access, contact Accounting System Administration at (919) 684-2752.