DukeShift allows managers to advertise available shifts for their departments. Qualified and eligible clinical staff can view the shifts, put in their request, and be approved for the shift by the unit manager, all online. Employees will receive their primary rate of pay plus any overtime or shift differential that the employee qualifies for. Not all employees qualify for the shift differentials. If any special pay incentives are offered on the shift, they will be forfeited if the employee calls out for a regular work shift.

The goal of the system is to decrease the number of unfilled shifts by 20% (so that 80% are filled) and the decrease the number of closed beds due to staffing by 50%.

Employee Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an employee of company 30 (Duke Hospital), company 50 (Durham Regional Hospital) or company 60 (Duke Raleigh Hospital).
    Please note that company 10 (School of Medicine, School of Nursing, PDC, DCRI and others) are not eligible.
  • Have successfully completed facility and department orientation
  • Be free of corrective action
  • Have approval of my primary department manager
  • Ask my manager to submit an account form requesting my access
  • My manager may remove my privilege to use DukeShift. Possible reasons include but are not limited to:
    • Failure to adhere to DukeShift policies and procedures
    • Allowing DukeShift awarded work shifts to interfere with my staffing obligations on my home unit
    • Being placed under corrective action

Employee Responsibilities

  1. I will swipe in and out at the badge reader to record my time using the DukeShift special code (12). If I am working outside of my home department, I will also float my time at the badge reader. If I need to adjust my time card, the request will go to my primary manager and not the manager of the DukeShift department.
  2. I will select a DukeShift that matches my primary job code RNs may pick up RN shifts and NCAs can pick up NCA shifts. (For more information on this requirement, review this pdf.)
  3. I will only select shifts in facilities where I have completed orientation and have computer access.
  4. My DukeShift is considered a regular work shift. If I am tardy or call out, the occurrences will be treated in accordance of the Availability for Work policy.
  5. I will adhere to the Staffing policy. I will not schedule myself for:
    • more than 16 hours in a row
    • more than four, 12 hour shifts in a row
    • more than seven, 8 hour shifts in a row
    • at least 8 hours between shifts
    • no more than 60 hours in a 7 day period

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