Contact Information

If you need help with or to report:

  • “User does not exist” message
  • When Self Scheduling:
    • “Employee does not have the required position licenses” message
    • “Employee exceeded coverage period need” message
    • “No profile positions” message
  • Getting an account for API or DukeShift

...Contact your supervisor.

Need help with or to report:

  • A password reset
  • No response from TimeCall or TimePC
  • Badge Reader problems
  • “User already logged in” message
  • “System is in Restricted Mode” message
  • Any ‘LBX” error

...Contact the DHTS helpdesk (Health System, School of Medicine) at 684-2243 or the OIT Help Desk (University) at 684-2200. For fastest service, tell the helpdesk this is a SYSTEM issue and not a FUNCTIONAL issue and needs to go the technical group, not the APIResourcegroup.

If you need information on, or have questions about:

  • New employees
  • Terminations
  • Transfers
  • Missing employees
  • Misspelled names
  • Incorrect Hire Dates
  • Incorrect Birth Dates
  • Biweekly (Hourly) employee issues
  • Questions concerning issued payroll checks
  • Incorrect Daily Hours
  • Timecard information
  • Monthly vacation or sick leave issues
  • Lunch lengths

...Contact your Payroll Representative.
Note: you will need your SAP Org Key to search for your payroll rep

If you need information about Agency or Traveler Employees:

...Contact a Contract Labor administrative specialist at 681-6929 OR 681-4333

If you need information or have questions about:

  • Forms
  • Changes of position number
  • Policy clarification

...Contact Human Resources Information Center (HRIC) at 684-5600.

If you need information on, or have questions about:

  • How to enter data
  • Setting up new departments
  • Badge swipes not showing on the timecard
  • Training and class registration
  • Issues that require a response within a 24-48 hour time frame

Duke Health System Users:

...Contact the API Resource Group:
Telephone: (919) 681-2484
Pager: (919) 970-9307
Fax: (919) 681-7990

University Users:

...Contact Corporate Payroll Office:
Telephone: (919) 684-2642
Fax: (919) 668-5840

Requesting or Removing API accounts:

Time and Attendance accounts:

DUH send email to

All others, contact your payroll representative.

Staffing and Scheduling accounts:

Email  or one of the Staffing and Scheduling functional administrators listed below.

EdTrack accounts:

Contact CEPD or the EdTrack functional administrator listed below

Duke Health System Functional Administrators:
Resource Expertise Phone
Julia Bambach Staffing and Scheduling (919) 613-0435
Ellen Hegarty Staffing and Scheduling (919) 668-0704
Bernard Rice Time and Attendance (919) 681-2484
Nikki Long Time and Attendance (919)-681-2484
Chuck Rodgers EdTrack (919) 684-6578
Your Payroll Rep Time and Attendance varies

University employees should contact Corporate Payroll Office at 919-684-2642 or