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Pantone®, Pantone® Matching System (PMS)
The standard ink color matching system used to specify colors; Duke Blue is PMS 287
Paper Stock
Term used to describe specifications for paper, often designated by the manufacturer or mill's name and weight
Pass sheet
A printed sheet of optimum print quality that is removed from the run, so subsequent sheets can be compared with it in quality control
Perfecting press
In offset printing, a configuration in which a continuous web or sheets of paper are fed between two blanket cylinders, printing both sides at once
Permanent Endowment Funds
Funds received from a donor, or donors, with the restriction that the principal is not expended.
Personal Property
Includes all types of property except real property, naval vessels, and governmental records
Personnel Area
A value that represents an organizational entity or location within Duke for HR and Payroll purposes, such as 1000 for Duke University, 1100 for the School of Medicine, 2000 for Duke Hospital, etc.
The preparation of printing plates involving photographic techniques
In SAP, the word Plan is synonymous with the word budget and planning with budgeting for general operating funds, like Cost Centers and Profit Centers. SAP offers several types of planning for internal reporting purposes. In the CO - Controlling module where Cost Center and Profit Center reports are generated, the Plan data is loaded monthly from the various budget systems for the Hospitals and University (such as Transition II).

Currently in the PS - Project Systems module, the term Plan represents the Award amount for 3xx Restricted Funds, i.e., Projects with an award amount. The PS module offers more Planning options, such as structure planning (at the WBS Element level), detailed planning by cost element, and detailed planning of secondary costs, using planned activity, quantity, and rates.
A Plant is an organizational unit within Duke where either materials are purchased or goods and services are provided. A key attribute in MM and AM modules, a four-digit Plant code corresponds to a Company Code (0010, 0020, 0030, etc.).

Some Plants include:
DUKE = Duke University (0010)
DUHS = Duke University Health System (0020)
DHSP = Duke Hospital (0030)
DUAP = Duke University (0010)
DRHS = Durham Regional Hospital (0050)
DHRH = Duke Health Raleigh Hospital (0060)
Plate cylinder
The cylinder on a printing press onto which the plate is fixed
The process of making an image on a printing plate by whatever means
Pledge Amount
The amount that the donor has agreed to give to the University. This amount must be at least equal to the Minimum Funding Level Requirement for the type of endowment fund being established.
A printing problem where dot areas become filled in, resulting in loss of detail and contrast
Position Management
Position Management is handled though iForms and is a concept of position ownership by departments or major units, allowing them to better track and manage positions. Every position at Duke has a unique identifying number known as a "position management number" which will stay with the position throughout its "life" and is independent of the employee who may be filling the position. iForms is used for the processes of creating, modifying, deleting or reorganizing a position.
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