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Abbreviation for a quantity of 1000 sheets of paper
Make Ready
The process of preparing a printing press before a new run, to establish register, ink density, consistent impression, and so on
Market Value
The fair market value of the assets owned by the endowment fund on the measurement date. Fair market value includes the net appreciation in asset value, which occurs through the investment of the endowment assets.

A donor makes a gift of $25,000 to the John Doe Endowment Fund on May 2, 2005. The University invests the gift on behalf of the endowment fund. On June 30, 2006, the value of the invested gift is $27,500. Therefore, the market value of the John Doe Endowment Fund is $27,500 as of June 30, 2006. (Note that the Book Value of the endowment fund is still $25,000.)
Matchcode Search
A Matchcode Search in SAP, is a way to view a complete or partial list of all valid values for an Input Field and to select a value from that list for the field. A triangle symbol in the lower right corner of the Input Field usually indicates that a Matchcode Search is available. Searches can be done on numeric or text values, and allow the use of an asterisk (*) as a wildcard.
Abbreviation found on Biweekly Leave, Gross Pay Computation, and Distribution Reports. Stands for: Manual Check payment data
Term for a compilation of artwork, including type, photos/scans, line art, etc., on art board or on disk
Menu Bar
The Menu Bar is the first bar located at the top of the SAP screen. While the Menu Bar contains menu paths for functions available from the current screen, this bar is no longer used as the primary tool for navigating to another screen in SAP. The User Menu displayed on the initial screen is a better way and more customized way to navigate for Duke. The Menu Bar options vary by the screen displayed or the task being performed in SAP. The Menu Bar also contains the buttons for managing the size and position of the window.
Minimum Funding Level Requirement
The minimum amount necessary to establish an endowment fund for a given purpose. The levels are approved by the Board of Trustees and are designed to help ensure that the endowment fund is of sufficient size to support the purpose for which it was established.

A donor wishes to establish an endowment fund which will create the John Doe Professorship in Economics. Once the University accepts the endowment and it is fully funded, an obligation exists to create and support the Professorship, including funding for any difference between the professorís salary and the amount of fund distribution generated by the endowment fund. Therefore, it is in the Universityís interest to ensure that the endowment fund is of ample size to properly support the position.
Mock Up
A preliminary layout showing the design, position of illustrations and text prior to the final reproduction
The SAP system consists of many application modules, each one offering different functionality, yet all integrated into one enterprise package.

Although Duke purchased a complete package of SAP modules for future use, the primary modules that Duke has or is in the process of implementing are:
AM: Asset Management
CO: Controlling
FI: Financial Accounting
FM: Funds Management
HR: Human Resources
MM: Materials Management
PS: Project System
WF: Workflow
Monetary Awards
Monetary awards such as gift certificates, gift cards, gifts coupons, vouchers, and saving bonds are considered "cash equivalents" by the Internal Revenue Service when given to an employee of Duke University or the Duke University Health System. A "cash equivalent" allows the purchase of or redemption for a product or service as if cash were being used. As a result, monetary awards are considered compensation to the employee and must be reported as such through the payroll system and are subject to all applicable payroll taxes.
Monitored Workload
A subsystem of the Payroll system to monitor the distribution of University salaries and wages of faculty and staff applicable to sponsored agreements based on budgeted, planned, or assigned work activity, updated to reflect any significant changes in work distribution.
Monthly Payroll
Monthly payment of salaries to faculty and staff members whose positions are exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act
Movable Assets
Consists of furniture and equipment that are not part of the supporting structure of a building and that meet the specific criteria for capital assets.